We are different than a typical
retained search firm

The question posed most frequently to Preston & Partners is, “What sets you apart?” The answer is complex, but the following basic ingredients (our differentiators) are those that have made Preston & Partners what it is today.

We are privately owned:

We answer only to our clients. There are no shareholders, board members or outside partners dictating how we choose to structure our engagements.

When you hire us, you actually get us:

Our senior level partners make every candidate phone call. We have an incredible research team, but they haven’t met you or sat in your office. Our partners have. In order to tell the most compelling story in the marketplace, you want senior partners talking to the future leaders of your organization.

Pay for performance billing model:

We do not operate in an environment known as, “Book it. Bill it. Fill it.” Our fee schedule is based on performance milestones, so you won’t see an invoice until we’ve delivered results.


We understand that bad quarters happen. Expansion plans get shelved. If a search is cancelled by the client for any reason, any unbilled retainers are waived.


We do not post jobs on boards. Our engagements are executed the old-fashioned way: identifying target companies, the people in them that are a likely fit and by picking up the phone and having conversations.